BOSTON ROCKABILLY has been performing the local circuit since 1980. Currently staffed by Vic Layne - Keyboards, Ray Gillette - Guitar, Jim Boisclair - Bass and Mike Young - Drums. Also featured is Ben King - Sax on selected gigs.

A great band with great multi-talented players. The boys played out for many years, mostly on the North Shore where they had a good following. Boston Rockabilly concentrates on music set between 1954 and 1960 exclusively, focusing especially on the echoing sound of Sam Phillips' Sun Records' studio in Memphis, Tennessee.

In actuality, rockabilly is the purest of all rock 'n' roll genres, with its nervously uptempo guitar blasts, accented by drums on the offbeat and propelled by a distinctively slapping bass. The act got daily airplay on WCGY and on several North Shore stations including WESX in Marblehead. They have gigged every club over time and broadcast a live performance over the Tufts University radio station, WMFO, then as now, an outlet committed to local music.

The guys fondly recall opening an outdoor show which included Leslie Gore, The Sam and Dave Revue, and Gary "U.S." Bonds, where it came down pouring rain until one minute before showtime.

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